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On Lundi La Semaine Paris empowers women
On Monday we are empowered and entrepreneurial women, part of a global movement: women who have the courage to fight for their dreams. The essence of La Semaine Paris lies in the dream of our creative director, Gabrielle: to make women feel bold and “belle comme le jour” from Monday to Sunday. To reach this dream, she reunited a group of women with different stories, cultures and backgrounds, bound by the same goal of doing something as women for women, our first source of inspiration.  
On Mardi La Semaine Paris moves towards sustainability
On Tuesday we spend time close to nature, we learn more about it and we try to respect it. In life as in the closet, there is no room for waste: our aim is to create timeless pieces. We are working hard to make sure nothing is lost, indeed the remains of fabrics will give life to other unique pieces that will last from a wardrobe to another. We create elegance that lasts over time.
On Mercredi La Semaine Paris cultivates her passions
On Wednesday we feed our brain: from good books, to lovely music, cult movies collections and artistic activities, we cultivate our favourite passions. We will give you tips about everything that makes us curious and nourishes our soul. Sharing is caring
On Jeudi La Semaine Paris is international
On Thursday we have no boundaries: we discover new places, new faces, new tastes, new opportunities, new perspectives. We explore, we took long walks around the city in our favourite clothes in search of new corners to fall in love with, always taking in mind that only the present moment contains life: each moment we breathe is a chance to shine, that’s why we want our clothes to make you feel a badass from the morning ’till night. Be bold, be free, be present! I'll rework the self-care as well.
On Vendredi La Semaine Paris builds a strong community
We want to make you feel part of a movement: the world is full of women like us, ready to tell their ideas of contemporary femininity. We are not afraid of expressing our inner beauty, being who we truly are. Be yourself, mix our pieces, do what makes your eyes sparkle: the world is yours and you’re capable of everything - just be fearless. Join us, let’s see how we are stronger together.
On Samedi La Semaine Paris takes care of herself
On Saturday we fall in love with ourselves: we get back to our beauty routine, we write ourselves love letters, we buy ourselves fresh flowers, we prioritise self-love. Wear your favourite clothes on, smile to your other self in the mirror and fall in love with yourself.
On Dimanche La Semaine Paris gets back to its roots
On Sunday we are dynamic women ready to experience life in its purest state, playing and having fun while doing it; we are ready to boost our self-confidence, creativity, health and mood. Sunday is about love, family, friends and traditions. It is about getting back to our authentic origins and being together enjoying every little thing. Go for relaxed, comfy and easy-to-move into clothes in order to make the most of your day.


Hello Beautiful

We are always looking for curious and talented people to join our team and help us grow bigger and better everyday.

Send us a copy of your CV at and we will get in touch with you if your talents match our needs in the future.